Friday, July 22, 2005

The Invasion

For the past two weeks, my apartment has been invaded by guests. Last week it was my roommate's friend from college who came to Chicago for a week to hang out in his old stomping grounds. Normally, he's working on a cruise ship playing saxophone for the guests on board. This week my roommate's sister is occupying the couch.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy both people who have invaded my home for a week, but I would have appreciated some sort of notice before it happened. With my roommate's friend, L, I found out he was coming when my roommate, J, took a phone call and then announced that L's plane would be landing in about two hours. With his sister, M, I found out she was staying with us when she showed up with him at a rehearsal on Sunday night. Thanks for the advance warning.

The discovery went somthing like this:

J and M walk in.
T says, "Oh, your sister was here this weekend?"
J, "Nope. She's staying with us for the week."
Me and T in tandem, "She is?"
J, "Yep."
Me and T in tandem, "Oh."
T then turns to me and says, "Did you know about this?"
I responded, "Nope. Good times."

I understand that the apartment is as much his as it is mine, but I certainly don't think it unreasonable to ask for a little warning before we have a house guest crashing on our couch for the week. If I were to take the same policy, we could have very easily had two unannounced guests show up for the same week and only one couch. That would be a real tragedy - especially because we have hardwood floors.

I've decided to combat this by staying at my apartment as little as possible. I've been spending almost every night at my girlfriend's place. Mostly because she has couches that can be used for sitting on and reading, or watching TV, or making out. My couch is being lived on. Doesn't leave a whole lot of space for sitting, reading, watching TV or making out. Luckily, the week is ending which means that the occupation will be over soon.

Unless he's got someone else lined up for next week.

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  1. Luckily, J and I talked about this and it's cool. He'll give me warning next time. He's good like that.

    I'm all better.