Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Masterpiece

It's not considered an honor to be considered a one-hit wonder. Often times, these one-hit wonders are openly ridiculed. Mostly we think of musicians like Dexy's Midnight Runners, or Vanilla Ice. However, one-hit wonders can be authors, painters, actors or athletes as well. They can each have their moment of genius only to fade away.

Should we begrudge them this moment of genius? Each of these one-hit wonders gave us something that we loved or were inspired by. Is it any less worthwhile because the creator of that moment could only do it once? Should we place less significance on it because of the person who created it? I say no.

We've all experienced those moments where we were inspired by something great and were able to rise above our normal abilities and produces something better than we ever had before. Maybe this has happened multiple times, maybe it's only happened once. However in those moments we are truly achieving. It doesn't matter what came before or what comes after. That moment when we are inspired is pure and real and legitimate.

Sure, it's sad if that moment only happens once in my life, but it doesn't mean that the work I created in that moment is any less valuable.

Of course, this doesn't mean that we shouldn't keep making fun of Vanilla Ice for myriad other reasons.

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