Friday, August 19, 2005


There is a soreness in my mind. It's not a headache. It's a dullness, a worn quality. It's from overuse. From neglect. It's from the things that are there and from the things that are not there. Mostly it's from the things that are almost there but not quite. The items on the cusp. The things that I am about to discover but I never quite do. The connections I've almost made. The puzzles I've almost solved. The bits of progress that I've made that have almost lead to something. The points where my intellect has failed me. I'm able to learn, to move forward. I think, I advance I gain knowledge, but I never finish. I've overlooked simplicity and it keeps me from progressing. The pain that I feel is my loss of ease. The weight of thought. The burden of logic. The misplacement of truth.


  1. Anonymous12:28 AM


    your blog is really beatiful!


  2. i understand what your saying...but dammit if you just didn't make my damn head hurt...DAMMIT!!!
    hen might be that I am filled up on's 2 in the AM...I just got finished watching Mortal Combat the movie and now am about to watch The Crow........OR it could be that I can't eat any damn thing and I have a hunger headache.........
    whew! i knew i had some original thoughts to share...but now i feel like a.....crazy deranged chick who has slipped into delirium (which is very easy in NYC)
    good night Jeff