Saturday, August 13, 2005

There's A Better Way, T.O.

Everyone has his or her opinion on Terrell Owens, and that's exactly the way that he wants it. We can all talk about how he's a huge jerk and how we'll all be happy when he finally has to cave in and show up for the Eagles. The issue, which has been lost at this point, is that T.O. is unhappy with his current contract. He believes that he's outperformed his current contract and that Eagles should renegotiate the contract so that he can make even more money. He's currently making $7 million a year.

The Eagles are standing pat. They argue that Owens signed his seven year deal last year, and that he should live with it. They don't need to renegotiate because he's got a contract. They're right.

Unfortunately, this isn't really the issue. The issue is that Owens needs to be in the spotlight. He needs to be making waves, he needs to have reporters outside his house and he needs constant attention. He believes he is bigger than the game and because of that, he will always be a headache for the team and his teammates.

Last year everything was great and Owens and McNabb were rumored to be best buddies. The Eagles went to the Super Bowl and he even made a a bit of a heroic comeback for the Super Bowl from a nasty ankle injury. The Eagles came up a bit short and the offseason came along and people stopped talking about T.O. This bothered T.O. So he fired his agent, picked up super agent Drew Rosenhaus and demanded that the Eagles renegotiate.

Normally, I would have no issue with this - if it was handled correctly - but Owens went straight to the press and made it very clear that he was upset and would probably hold out of camp. A true professional would have handled this quietly between the team and his agent. Not Owens. He needs everyone to know. He decided to carry out this "negotiation" in the media. The Eagles wouldn't play ball. He thinks that he is big enough to force the Eagles to do whatever he wants. He's wrong.

Now, it's gotten to the point that I'm pretty sure he's completely forgotten that he's supposed to be upset about his contract. He's just eating up the attention. He showed up for camp and immediately came down with a groin injury. Then he got in an arguement with coach Andy Reid and got sent home for a week. The very next day, he was out in his driveway doing situps for the media and shooting hoops. Of course, he was firing off quotes left and right and loving the attention. All the while, he was happy as can be. If he really gave a damn about football or anything besides himself, he'd still be in camp and he would have been there in the first place.

What he doesn't realize - or care to realize - is that the best way for him to get a new contract is to keep his mouth shut and go out and help the Eagles win their first Super Bowl. Do your talking on the field by using your extraordinary skills to win football games. Then you'll get all the attention you could ever want. I know some Philly fans and anyone who is on a Super Bowl championship team for the Eagles will be a hero for life. Everyone will talk about you forever. Philly - as harsh as it can be - is one of the most savvy sports cities in America and they are starved for a championship. T.O., if you want people to pay attention PLAY SOME FOOTBALL.


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