Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Weekend Football Thoughts

I couldn't be more excited about this football season. Yesterday was the first full Sunday of NFL games, and Saturday was the second week of what is already an exciting college football season. You see, I love football. It's the one thing I think about almost as much as sex. Needless to say, the fall is my favorite time of year. This year, there are two developments that have made this football season even more exciting.

1) NFL Sunday Ticket and TiVo
2) Notre Dame's new football coach, Charlie Weis

Last season, I grew tired of not being able to watch every Colts game - or even most of them. I live in Chicago and if the Bears and Colts played at the same time, the networks would only show the Bears game. There are very few things worse than being forced to watch a Bears game when you are not a fan of the team (even if you are a fan, sometimes). This led me to drop my cable provider, switch to DirecTV and order NFL Sunday Ticket. This guarantees that I will be able to see every Colts game this season regardless of what the networks air. I also opted for TiVo so that I can be sure to see every play of every game (I often have rehearsals on Sunday afternoons). All of this ensures that I will be able to watch every little step of the Colts' journey towards the Super Bowl.

Charlie Weis, former offensive coordinator of the three-time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots, is now the head coach of Notre Dame, my alma mater. He's already done one heck of a job. The Notre Dame offense looks much better than it has in about five years and the Irish already have two wins against top-25 teams, Pitt (23) and Michigan (3). The defense is solid and this fast start is very promising. Most importantly, the Irish look like they believe they will win. Confidence is underrated in this game.

On to my thoughts on this weekend's football action:

1) GO IRISH! Big win in the Big House. The defense saved this game for the Irish. I'm concerned about how sloppy the offense looked in the second half. I need to see this offense play well for a whole game before I start talking BCS.

2) I couldn't be happier that Ohio State lost. They really deserve as many heartbreaking losses as possible.

3) The Citadel put a scare into Florida St. in the first half. FSU may be the most overrated team in the top 25.

4) Anything can happen in a rivalry game. Iowa isn't that bad.

5) Brady looked really sharp against the Raiders. Analysts are talking about how they saw a ton of red flags for the Pats in this game. I think it was pretty much standard Patriots fare. They do exactly what they need to win the game and not much more.

6) Jets fans, remember that it's week one. Anyone can have a game like Pennington. The Jets aren't that bad. The Chiefs aren't that good.

7) Let's not all jump on Nick Saban's cock just yet. Remember, Jake Plummer is Denver's quarterback. I can't say that enough.

8) I really hope that the Saints win on Sunday brought some much-needed joy to the folks of New Orleans.

9) The Bills should wear their throwbacks every week.

10) Chris Berman needs to stop. Please, please stop. You are neither funny nor clever. Sure, you did a lot to bring a unique style to ESPN but there are about 20 people that do it better now. Including Mike Hall.

11) San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis and Arizona are all in the same division. This division will not be won, it will be not lost.

12) The Colts defense kept them in the game last night for the first time since before Peyton took a snap. This is encouraging.

13) One word for the Packers: Ouch.

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