Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I Don't Want My MTV

I don't watch music videos. I never have. Even when my family finally got cable and we had MTV and VH1 and they were forbidden by my mother I didn't watch them. Well, I did briefly to see why they were forbidden. When I turned them on, I realized why my mom bothered to make such a silly rule: watching the shit on those channels would turn me into a mindless dolt. I prefered to listen to my music in my room and let the songs create the images and guide the thoughts in my head. I found most videos disappointing because they either completely distracted you from the music to the point you don't realize you're listening to a song or they sucked so bad it made me dislike a song I had previously enjoyed.

My disinterest and dislike of MTV and VH1 has had some interesting repercussions. A list:
1) I judge music solely on the music.
2) I almost always say "yes" when someone asks me if I've seen a music video (even though I definitely haven't) because they always end up describing it anyway and it keeps the conversation moving.
3) I only know about Puck from hearing people talk about him.
4) People think I'm a Republican.
5) I miss out on some great videos like that one Radiohead video.
6) I don't get a lot of references in improv shows.
7) I sometimes feel detached from my generation.
8) People think I'm an elitist or snob or both.
9) People say, "You haven't seen the ______ video?! WHAT?!"
10) I never took Kurt Loder seriously.

Careful What You Wish For...

Oh yeah, T.O.

I love that he won't be playing football for the rest of the year. He'll have plenty of time for his "sprained ankle" to heal. By the way, we all know he's faking all of these injuries, right? I mean, the dude came back from a broken ankle in record time to play in the Super Bowl (and play well, I might add). He's not hurt. It doesn't matter now.

Here's the thing:
This is exactly what T.O. wants. He has realized that the Eagles aren't going to win a Super Bowl this year with or without him. McNabb is too banged up to be as effective as he has been in the past. There is no running game. The team is 4-3. He wants out. He wants to go play for a team that has a shot at the Super Bowl. He's going to get that shot now. It won't happen this season, but next year he'll be cut and some contender will pick him up. And he will be just fine, practically a model player - until the team starts losing. Then he'll start blasting teammates and causing trouble and it will all start again.

I say to the Eagles, don't cut him. Don't let him play. Pay him his full seven year contract and let him rot for the next five years and see if anyone wants him after that. This will never happen, but it's what I want to happen.

A smart team will pick him up, get his help to win a Super Bowl and cut him. He's only good on your team for one winning season and then he'll tear you apart. Learn from this, NFL.

Big Win, Big Confidence

Colts win. No matter what anyone says about how it's "just another game" this was a big win. Tony is right, if the Colts had lost, they would still be okay. However, this win was important to getting the Colts to a place where they can win a Super Bowl. This game wasn't so much about the Colts finally "getting over the hump" and beating the Patriots. This was about this Colts team going into a hostile environment and thumping a good team. Don't get me wrong, I'm not pretending that this Patriots team is the same team that send the Colts home last January, but they are still a good team.

The most encouraging thing I saw last night was that the Colts came out with determination and confidence. At 14-7 Peyton threw an interception, but nobody panicked. The defense came out and forced a fumble. From that point on the Colts rolled. That's the point. The Colts are the better team right now and they played that way. They should have beaten the Pats soundly and they did. That's what is encouraging about this game. For the first time since they've been contenders, they looked like they believe they are contenders.

(This part of the post is mostly for Bill Simmons)
Also, did anyone see the end of the game when everything went to shit? The Colts scored their last touchdown (Manning to Harrison) to go up 40-21 and then set up to go for two. This pissed off the crowd (what was left of it) and then Belichick threw the red flag for a review of a play that was clearly a touchdown. I hate to say this because the Pats have handled their winning with class and are a likeable team despite their success, but this reeked of poor sportsmanship. Belichick knew that there was no way the play would be overturned and he was just trying to interrupt the flow of the game and buy his defense some rest by effectively getting a timeout via review.

Now, I'm sure many people will say that the Colts going for two in the fourth quarter up 40-21 is bad sportsmanship as well. However, I can see why they did. They are playing the Patriots and Tom Brady is known for turning it on in the fourth quarter and stealing games. When you are up 19 points, the other team has to score three times to win. If you are up 21 points, they have to score four times. Three scores? Highly unlikely, but possible (the Colts did it against the Bucs the year of the Bucs Super Bowl). Four scores? No way.

I'm willing to bet big money that this whole fiasco is a major focus of Simmons' next article. And he'll take the "we were disrespected" angle. Also, how about that crowd bailing on the Pats in the fourth quarter? Everybody left. It's easy to stick around when you're 14-2 and beating everyone. Much harder to stick with your team when you're 4-3 and taking a beating from a team you've owned.