Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Careful What You Wish For...

Oh yeah, T.O.

I love that he won't be playing football for the rest of the year. He'll have plenty of time for his "sprained ankle" to heal. By the way, we all know he's faking all of these injuries, right? I mean, the dude came back from a broken ankle in record time to play in the Super Bowl (and play well, I might add). He's not hurt. It doesn't matter now.

Here's the thing:
This is exactly what T.O. wants. He has realized that the Eagles aren't going to win a Super Bowl this year with or without him. McNabb is too banged up to be as effective as he has been in the past. There is no running game. The team is 4-3. He wants out. He wants to go play for a team that has a shot at the Super Bowl. He's going to get that shot now. It won't happen this season, but next year he'll be cut and some contender will pick him up. And he will be just fine, practically a model player - until the team starts losing. Then he'll start blasting teammates and causing trouble and it will all start again.

I say to the Eagles, don't cut him. Don't let him play. Pay him his full seven year contract and let him rot for the next five years and see if anyone wants him after that. This will never happen, but it's what I want to happen.

A smart team will pick him up, get his help to win a Super Bowl and cut him. He's only good on your team for one winning season and then he'll tear you apart. Learn from this, NFL.

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