Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I Don't Want My MTV

I don't watch music videos. I never have. Even when my family finally got cable and we had MTV and VH1 and they were forbidden by my mother I didn't watch them. Well, I did briefly to see why they were forbidden. When I turned them on, I realized why my mom bothered to make such a silly rule: watching the shit on those channels would turn me into a mindless dolt. I prefered to listen to my music in my room and let the songs create the images and guide the thoughts in my head. I found most videos disappointing because they either completely distracted you from the music to the point you don't realize you're listening to a song or they sucked so bad it made me dislike a song I had previously enjoyed.

My disinterest and dislike of MTV and VH1 has had some interesting repercussions. A list:
1) I judge music solely on the music.
2) I almost always say "yes" when someone asks me if I've seen a music video (even though I definitely haven't) because they always end up describing it anyway and it keeps the conversation moving.
3) I only know about Puck from hearing people talk about him.
4) People think I'm a Republican.
5) I miss out on some great videos like that one Radiohead video.
6) I don't get a lot of references in improv shows.
7) I sometimes feel detached from my generation.
8) People think I'm an elitist or snob or both.
9) People say, "You haven't seen the ______ video?! WHAT?!"
10) I never took Kurt Loder seriously.

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