Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Reply To All

There is a reason that every single email program includes both "Reply" and "Reply to All" functionality. There is a difference. If there wasn't, there would only be one button. "Reply" means that you will simply reply to the person who sent you the email, no one else. "Reply to All" means that you will reply to everyone included on the list of emails that the sender added to the To: or CC: fields. This is a very important distinction that very few people seem to grasp. It will save the rest of us lots of time deleting your email that we don't give two shits about.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I'm more than happy to help you stop being a douchebag.

People Hate People

The gym I belong to is currently running an incentive program where we get to put various candy canes on Christmas trees for every half hour that we work out. There are three colors of candy canes and each color represents a different charity. Red represents the Lake County Haven (a home for battered women), blue represents Small Miracles (a charity for kids with cancer - much like Make-A-Wish) and green represents Kay's Animal Shelter (an animal shelter for animals). Each charity will receive a donation based on the number of candy canes placed on the tree.

I look at those choices and think, "Well, this is certainly a no-brainer. I'll rotate between the dying children and the battered women." You know, because it makes sense that I'd want to help out my fellow humans during the Christmas season. I would think that most people would feel the same way. However, the majority of candy canes on the tree are green.

If you were to witness an accident where a child walking his dog was struck by a car and both the boy and dog were lying on the ground in need of CPR to save their lives, would you administer CPR to the dog first? That is essentially what these people are doing. By placing a green candy cane on the tree you are saying, "Fuck the sick kids and battered women. There's a homeless dog that really needs my help."

Do people hate people that much? Or is the furry cuteness of an animal too much to resist? If you choose to support the animal shelter over the human charities it makes you a bad human being at worst and a cynic at best. Don't try to give me the, "Well, at least the dog won't grow up to be a neo-Nazi or criminal. Animals are innocent." Talk to the family on Chicago's south side who just had their innocent daughter mauled by a pit bull.

On the other hand, if Kay's Animal Shelter puts the majority of these animals to sleep then I'll buy my own bag of green candy canes for the tree.