Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fat Tuesday

As a lapsed Catholic, Fat Tuesday has recently held little significance for me other than seeing other people party their asses off in a city I don't live in. This year is a different story.

My hot girlfriend still makes and keeps Lenten promises. I'm along for the ride. You see, I figured it couldn't hurt to make a sacrifice for forty days, plus I'd rather not be an enabler during her sacrifice time. She's giving up sweets, which means I'm giving up sweets. In celebration of Fat Tuesday, I'll be having a Heath Bar.

Here are some other things I'll be giving up:
  1. Giving up.
  2. Talking about giving things up.
  3. Wondering what other people have given up.
  4. Dealing with idiots.
  5. Watching that stupid commercial with the monkeys in the office.
  6. Smoking (Done!)
  7. Pretending to be nice.
  8. Pretending to like you.
  9. Murder.

1 comment:

  1. You may find this suprising, but I do make an attempt to quit something I enjoy during Lent. This year is no different....I have decided to stop running down daschunds with my car. I freely admit, resisting my urges to run down errant sausage hounds will be difficult...but I am hopeful that my quasi-belief in an invisible man in the sky will pull me through.