Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Fears and Random Thoughts

My company is a sponsor of the Chicago Rush Arena Football team. Today, representatives from the Chicago Rush are in our cafeteria passing out free schedules and pennants and posters and such. Most of the reps are dressed in the standard khaki and branded polo. However, they decided to bring along the mascot. The Chicago Rush mascot is your standard sports mascot with the big head and team jersey. His name is Grabowski.

I am afraid of Grabowski.

I have no idea why. I know it's silly that I should not be frightened of this cartoonish figure, but I am. I managed to walk by the booth, but stayed on the far side of the hall from him. Just in case. I felt like a scared little boy when I saw him.

I'm better now.

Random Thoughts
I think it's funny when Catholic girls are slutty.

It's even funnier when they are named Mary.

People have come to accept a certain amount of scratchyness in their scarves.

Simply drinking the beverage does not make you a Rockstar.

Same goes for Red Bull.

My murder will never be classified as an assassination.

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