Friday, March 03, 2006

Bumper Stickers

For the first time in my life, I saw a bumper sticker that I agree with. It read: “Nobody Owes You Anything”. Now that’s a bumper sticker that I can get behind… rather, that I can put behind me… er, that I could stick on the behind of my car.

Here are some other bumper stickers that I would like to see:

1) You are unique. Just like everyone else.
2) If you’re illiterate, you can’t read this.
3) If you’re apathetic and you know it clap your… aww, nevermind.
4) Eyes on the road, jackass.
5) Peel here to reveal large scratch.
6) Free everything.
7) Politics.
8) My other ride is a hooker with the clap.
9) I’d rather be shopping for bumper stickers.
10) I feel my political beliefs are best expressed via small rectangular adhesives stuck to the back of my car and I honestly think that this tiny little piece of glorified tape is going to change your mind and get you to vote on my side because it’s just that clever and hilarious. How could you not vote with me after reading this and having your mind blown by its pith? Seriously, I’m right.

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