Thursday, March 16, 2006

Indiana's New Laws

Yesterday was the last day of the 2006 session for the Indiana Legislature.  (How do I know?  This is my dad.)  They call it their "short session".  Regardless, they still managed to get quite a bit done.  Here are a few new laws enacted in this short session.
1) The Major Moves Bill
The Major Moves bill gives the Governor the ability to lease the Indiana Toll Road to an overseas company.  This will bring approximately $3.8 billion to Indiana for other road repair projects. 
I just hope they don't put the lanes on the wrong side of the road.
2) Fireworks
Fireworks are now legal again in Indiana.  You don't have to sign anything saying that you won't detonate them in Indiana.  You're now free to do that within the borders of the state - legally.  This bill also adds a tax to purchasing fireworks.
Indiana Fireworks: Lose fingers and more money.
Congratulations, lawmakers on a fine short session.  Hoosiers are in good hands.

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