Sunday, June 11, 2006

The 4400 by Marvel

I'm sitting here watching the season premiere of The 4400 on the USA network. I watched most of last season and enjoyed it quite a bit. The show seemed to have an interesting and unique premise.

4400 people were abducted from different points in time and taken to the future. One day, they all appeared near a lake in Washington, unaged. This is how the first season opened. We learned that they each began to display special powers. For example, one creepy little girl could see the future. Another woman could control the level of adrenaline in other people. There is even a guy who can read minds. The government then put the 4400 in quarantine and began secretly injecting them with an "inhibitor" to curb their powers. This was exposed at the end of last season.

I was hooked. I thought it was clever and intriguing.

Now, I'm beginning to wonder. I didn't notice before, but this show seems to be a direct rip-off of the X-Men premise. There are these people (the 4400) with special powers who are misunderstood and feared by much of the public. Within the 4400 there is a small group that has gone rogue and have begun killing the leaders of the non-4400 in the government who they believe are trying to destroy them. Sound familiar? All they need is a leader who can control magnetic fields.

The government is using the 4400 who can read minds to locate the other 4400. The difference is that he's a black guy and has hair. Oh, he can walk, too. They've got a guy who can heal people more quickly than they heal themselves. He does not have foot long blades embedded in his hands.

I'm just waiting for the episode in which the government builds huge robots with which to hunt the 4400.

I'm sure I'm not the only person who has noticed this. Let's hope that Marvel doesn't notice or this show will be cancelled in no time.

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