Thursday, June 22, 2006

Follow Up

You may remember my feud with Aaron's.  I'll give you some time to read about it...

Welcome back.

Sure, my deserving girlfriend was snubbed by that deceitful corporation and kept from going to Vegas to perform.  Fortunately, my girlfriend got the last laugh.  As it turns out, the extremely mediocre Chicago Rush decided to put it all together at the right time and made an impressive little run through the playoffs.  In fact, their victory over San Jose put them over .500 for the first time since February 26th when they were 3-2.  That victory also put them into the ArenaBowl. 

This victory then gave my girlfriend a new chance to go to Vegas.  The Rush were kind enough to pay for hotel rooms for the Adrenaline Rush Dancers.  Most of them managed some cheap air fare and made their way out to Vegas to cheer on the Rush.  In fact, they did such a great job cheering that the Rush managed to win the ArenaBowl.  She got to go down onto the field and celebrate with the championship trophy.  Aside from that, she got to hang out with her friends in Vegas for a few days.  She had a great weekend.

If she had been selected for Aaron's Fraudulent Dance Team, she would not have been able to hang out with her friends as she would have been scheduled for events and other such B.S. during the weekend.  She would have had to dance with other girls who are not as talented as she is.  We all know how frustrating dealing with incompetent people can be.  In short, her weekend would not have been as great.

In the end, my girlfriend won the little battle against Aaron's.  However, that does not mean that Aaron's is exonerated of its past crimes.  They are still Lying Lyers from Lyerville.  Don't buy their substandard products.

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  1. We don't have an aaron's'll have to battle without me :)