Monday, July 17, 2006

It's So Hot...

The heat index in Chicago was 101 degrees today. It's so hot outside that... shirt was constantly ironed.

...when I asked Subway to toast my sandwich, they took it outside for 30 seconds.

...the swamp in my pants is responsible for closing the hole in the ozone.

...I bought a bottle of Evian steam.

...the local paper read: The Chicago Surface-of-the-Sun-Times.

...Lake Michigan has been renamed Michigan Canyon.

...they've renamed my 5 year-old cousin Veal.

...the beaches turned to glass. only burns in the shade.

...Satan asked who turned on the air conditioning.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Movies and TV

In Chicago there's a short window of time when you can enjoy the fantastic weather.  I took advantage of one of the nicest weekends this summer by catching up on movies and TV.  On Thursday night, I saw Superman Returns and on Friday night I watched the season premiere of USA's Psych.

Superman Returns
My buddy Sean said it best, "For a movie about a guy who can do just about anything, we sure didn't get to see him do very much." 

It was a good movie, but it has some major problems.  First of all, there's not enough of Superman doing Superman things.  He saves a burning plane at the beginning which is pretty sweet, but then there's about an hour of boring love triangle between Clark, Lois and Lois' husband.  Boring.  We didn't even get to see Lex Luthor hatch his evil plan.  We just suddenly see him put his plan into action.  It turns out that his plan is to create new land laced with kryptonite.  Enough kryptonite that Lex and his henchmen beat the shit out of Superman before sending him crashing into the ocean.  Lois and her husband manage to save Superman.  He then flies up to be recharged by the sun and proceeds to fly back down and lift the island of kryptonite out of the ocean and throw it into space.  Mind you, this is the same island of kryptonite that completely debilitated him not minutes before.  How do you explain that?  Is he like a cell phone?  Was he only working on one bar for the whole movie until he recharged?  What the hell?  Doesn't kryptonite kill Superman?  Now it doesn't?  Shame on you, maker of Superman Returns.  Same on you.

Okay.  There's this guy.  He's kind of a loser.  His dad was a cop and taught him to notice every little thing.  He basically has a photographic memory.  Anyway, this guy calls in tips to the police after watching the news and they bring him in as a suspect.  He can't reveal that he just notices stuff because no one will believe it, so he makes a few observations about the cops and convinces them that he's a psychic.  The chief then hires him to work on a case and he managed to solve it.  The guy that plays the psychic is funny and quirky and his partner - who plays his uptight friend - is a great foil for him.  I enjoyed the show enough that I set my TiVo to catch it every Friday.

And that's what I did with my beautiful weekend.

Close Call

On Tuesday, a Chicago CTA train derailed during rush hour.  This train was a Blue Line train heading north to O'Hare from downtown Chicago.  This is the train that I now take to and from work every day.  Luckily, I was not on the train that derailed.  Had I been about 15 seconds later, I would have been a passenger on that unfortunate train.

After work, I leave my building and board the Blue Line at the Monroe stop.  As I headed down the stairs, I heard a train pulling into the station so I picked up the pace and was able to jump onto the car before the doors closed.  I arrived at my home stop at about 5:09pm - the same time that the accident happened.  I walked to my place, changed clothes, grabbed some food and headed to rehearsal.  When I arrived at rehearsal, everyone was talking about the accident and I realized that I must have just missed it.  By about 15 seconds.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bits from My Life

I'm currently unemployed.  Tomorrow I will not get up and go to work.  I will not get paid for a holiday on Monday or Tuesday.  I no longer have health insurance.  I am officially a drain on society.  But not for long...

On Wednesday, I will begin a new job.  My unemployment is voluntary.  Two weeks ago Friday I gave my notice at my old job.  I had worked there for nearly eight years (seven years and eleven months, to be exact).  It was my first job out of college.  For eight years I made my way all the way out to the northern suburbs.  The commute was never less than an hour.  Now I'll be making a twenty minute commute downtown.  Of course, the commute wasn't the only reason I took the job.  Money played a part.  Plus, it was just time for a change. 

I wasn't unhappy at my old job.  In fact, it was the best position I had been in since I was at the company.  I liked my bosses and I liked the work I was doing.  I liked my co-workers.  It was a good place to be.  Which is why I'm confident and happy that I made the right choice. 

On Wednesday, I start again from square one.  A new chapter.

The End of a Run
Last night was the final show of Sick/Personal Day, a sketch show I was in at Donny's Skybox at Second City.  It was probably the best show we did in the entire run.  We played to a sold out crowd who was ready to laugh and we gave them what they wanted.  It was a great feeling.

It was the fist sketch show I had ever done and it was more successful than I could have expected.  It debuted at Stage Left and then was accepted at Donny's Skybox.  The crowds consistently loved it and we had a blast performing in it.  Sure, there were times when I was frustrated with the show and some of the other performers, but on the whole it was a great experience.

I can't wait for the next show.

Friends, Real and Imagined
If you look just to the right, you'll see a little section titled "Links."  As the title suggests, I've placed a few links there to other sites and blogs.  I thought I'd take a second and give you a little info on each of those links.

pH Productions
This is the website for my improv comedy theater company.  I and five other people founded this company in 2002 and have been running and performing in it ever since.  The people in this company also make up a majority of my friends.  Take a look and come see a show in you're in the neighborhood.

Industrial Whumpus
A writing project.  Me, Tristan and Tim take turns writing stories and providing suggestions for each other.  So far, Tristan has put Tim and I to shame.

Colts Fan In Chicago
A horribly neglected blog that was started with good intentions.  Hopefully I will keep it up a little better once the football season rolls around.

Joe Important
A blog written by my friend Tim.  The same guy who writes with Tristan and me on Industrial Whumpus.  Some great stories out there.  Check out the links in the section titled "Niblets of Prose."

A blog written by my friend Sean.  I perform with him on my Playground team, Space Robbers.  He loves his comics and improv.  Also the Red Sox.  One of the smartest and funniest guys I know.  Enjoy.

My Dad's Blog
Pretty self explanatory.  My dad is a State Senator in Indiana.  It's about issues pertaining to Indiana politics.  Seems about right.  He wears glasses.