Thursday, July 13, 2006

Close Call

On Tuesday, a Chicago CTA train derailed during rush hour.  This train was a Blue Line train heading north to O'Hare from downtown Chicago.  This is the train that I now take to and from work every day.  Luckily, I was not on the train that derailed.  Had I been about 15 seconds later, I would have been a passenger on that unfortunate train.

After work, I leave my building and board the Blue Line at the Monroe stop.  As I headed down the stairs, I heard a train pulling into the station so I picked up the pace and was able to jump onto the car before the doors closed.  I arrived at my home stop at about 5:09pm - the same time that the accident happened.  I walked to my place, changed clothes, grabbed some food and headed to rehearsal.  When I arrived at rehearsal, everyone was talking about the accident and I realized that I must have just missed it.  By about 15 seconds.


1 comment:

  1. It didn't even occur to me that you would take the Blue Line to work. In any event, I am glad that you are OK. On the other hand, think of the lawsuit we could of filed! Damn your quick feet!