Thursday, July 13, 2006

Movies and TV

In Chicago there's a short window of time when you can enjoy the fantastic weather.  I took advantage of one of the nicest weekends this summer by catching up on movies and TV.  On Thursday night, I saw Superman Returns and on Friday night I watched the season premiere of USA's Psych.

Superman Returns
My buddy Sean said it best, "For a movie about a guy who can do just about anything, we sure didn't get to see him do very much." 

It was a good movie, but it has some major problems.  First of all, there's not enough of Superman doing Superman things.  He saves a burning plane at the beginning which is pretty sweet, but then there's about an hour of boring love triangle between Clark, Lois and Lois' husband.  Boring.  We didn't even get to see Lex Luthor hatch his evil plan.  We just suddenly see him put his plan into action.  It turns out that his plan is to create new land laced with kryptonite.  Enough kryptonite that Lex and his henchmen beat the shit out of Superman before sending him crashing into the ocean.  Lois and her husband manage to save Superman.  He then flies up to be recharged by the sun and proceeds to fly back down and lift the island of kryptonite out of the ocean and throw it into space.  Mind you, this is the same island of kryptonite that completely debilitated him not minutes before.  How do you explain that?  Is he like a cell phone?  Was he only working on one bar for the whole movie until he recharged?  What the hell?  Doesn't kryptonite kill Superman?  Now it doesn't?  Shame on you, maker of Superman Returns.  Same on you.

Okay.  There's this guy.  He's kind of a loser.  His dad was a cop and taught him to notice every little thing.  He basically has a photographic memory.  Anyway, this guy calls in tips to the police after watching the news and they bring him in as a suspect.  He can't reveal that he just notices stuff because no one will believe it, so he makes a few observations about the cops and convinces them that he's a psychic.  The chief then hires him to work on a case and he managed to solve it.  The guy that plays the psychic is funny and quirky and his partner - who plays his uptight friend - is a great foil for him.  I enjoyed the show enough that I set my TiVo to catch it every Friday.

And that's what I did with my beautiful weekend.

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  1. I have an idea for a play...

    You could act out the blog....

    Every night the show would be different depending on whose blogs you found interesting that day...

    Gotta be better than the new superman....

    And, I'm sure you realize the irony of spending a beautiful weekend indoors...