Saturday, August 26, 2006

30 Stories

Check out this post over at Robberblog.  It's a summary of where he was in May every single year of his life.  I found it an interesting read and a fantastic idea for a post.  I had initially planned to completely rip him off and do the same here.  I'm still going to rip him off, just not as completely as I had once planned.
In a series of thirty posts, I am going to tell a story from each year of my life.  All of these stories will be strictly from my memory.  I will not consult my parents for good stories about me, I'll just use my memories from those times in my life.  The only exception will be the very early years of which I have no memory.  I'll also try to get some photos of me as a kid and post them along with the stories.  Since I'll be doing this all from memory, some of the posts may be a year or two off.  That's the price my readers pay for me not having a photographic memory.

I will continue to post other things to this blog before I finish all thirty stories.  So that you can tell which stories are part of the "30 Years" series, I'll title them with the following convention: "Year X - Title of Story".  X represents the year of my life the story is from.

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