Friday, August 04, 2006

The Captivate Network

Since I've started my new job in downtown Chicago, a lot of things have changed for me.  My commute is shorter, I get more sleep and I now work in a fancy new high-rise in the Loop.  Part of working in a high-rise is taking the elevator everywhere.  I'm not used to using elevators since my old job was at a four-story building in the 'burbs.  In the taller buildings there are usually two (or more) banks of elevators that provide service to different floors.  In my building one bank provides access to floors 7-23 and the other provides access to floors 23-38.  If you're riding the elevators from a lower floor to a higher floor, you have to switch elevator banks on the 23rd floor.  Also, our elevators are equipped with something called "The Captivate Network".
Every elevator has a little screen mounted just above the button panel and it shows a series of different news items throughout the day.  This is called The Captivate Network.  A clever play on the fact that the audience is captive.  The Captivate Network does two things.  First, it provides everyone in the elevator with something to do so everyone doesn't have to stand around awkwardly trying to not make eye contact.  Second, it provides interesting little tidbits that people can use to make conversation.
The Captivate Network has provided me with plenty of little bits of information that I would otherwise never know or care about.  Here is a list of things that I have learned from The Captivate Network:
  • David Ortiz consistently leads the league (MBL or AL, I'm not sure) in RBI.
  • In India, the government has released a certain type of monkey to chase other monkeys out of the subway.
  • A waitress was handed her own stolen ID when carding someone at a bar.
  • Las Vegas enacted a law making it illegal to feed homeless people in parks.
  • L'esprit de l'escalier is the French phrase for thinking of a good comeback too late. (Like George Costanza and the "Jerk Store" thing)
  • Do not swim with shiny jewelry on, for sharks might mistake the shiny jewelry as fish scales and try to eat you.


  1. who would have thought....

  2. alright...where is that 30 post long post you promised????

  3. I'm working on the first installation. Hopefully I'll have something soon.