Friday, August 18, 2006

Panhandlers and Bubble Wrap

I received a package at my office earlier this week. The contents were wrapped in bubble wrap. Everyone loves bubble wrap. Those little air pockets are so much fun to pop. I realized something new about bubble wrap today. If you run your hand over it before you set about popping every one of the little bubbles, it's kinda like feeling hundreds of tiny little boobies all at once.

As I was waiting for the train home this afternoon at the Monroe stop around 5pm, there were some panhandlers playing music when I walked in. Three guys. One with a guitar, one with a little egg shaped shaker and the third with a kick ass voice. In fact, they all had great voices and were obviously well rehearsed as they were hitting some pretty flawless three part harmony. I was impressed and delighted that this was the way I got to end my Friday. I walked over and threw a couple bucks in their hat. I almost let a train pass so that I could stay and listen a little longer. Almost.


  1. I was actually snubbed by a panhandler this week, if you can believe it.....apparently he didn't like cereal bars....

  2. From my experience, most panhandlers (not bums begging for money) that are playing subways and such aren't necessarily hard up for money. They have just found they can make some decent scratch by playing their music for a while.

  3. OK....I didn't quite realize there was a difference between panhandler and bum...mine was a bum...holding a sign outside of the market that said "Will work for food" I grabbed what was on top of the bag.....he didn't accept....

  4. Did you discussing with panhandle ?
    My opinion is that,Of course we are buming,But we using the other mode ?All people are buming.