Saturday, August 26, 2006

Year 30 - A Dinner with Parents

This post is one in a series of thirty stories from my life. For more info click here.

I've had dinner with my parents and I've had dinner with Dee's parents. Dee has had dinner with my parents and Dee has had dinner with her parents. I've had dinner with Dee and Dee has had dinner with me, but my parents have never had dinner with Dee's parents. Until this spring.

My parents decided that they wanted to make a rare visit to Chicago to see Dee perform at a Chicago Rush game (she's a cheerleader for the Rush). I convinced them to arrive on a Saturday so that they could have dinner with me, Dee and her parents.

My mom was very excited about the chance to see Dee dance, but she was even more excited when I mentioned that we would be having dinner with Dee's parents. You see, she is very fond of the idea of me settling down with someone and having kids. My dad was less excited - not because he doesn't want me to do the same, but because he's seen me date two different women for two years apiece without a wedding. He's not holding his breath. Dee's parents were excited as well - especially because of the place we would be eating.

Dee and I decided that we should take our parents to Feast - where we had our first date. Dee and I returned there on our year anniversary and thought that it would be as good a place as any to treat our parents to. Plus, they have good food.

We all arrived at Feast at about the same time and were shown to our table right away. Unfortunately, Dee and I were both surprised at how loud the place was. We had always gone on a Wednesday or Thursday night. Saturdays were much more busy and loud given the weekend crowd. Our parents seemed put off initially, but everyone adjusted and began learning a little bit about each other.

The conversation quickly turned to stories from my and Dee's childhoods. My mom told a couple of stories about the cute things I used to do and even one about me whacking my cousin with a microphone. Nothing too embarrassing - though I'm pretty hard to embarrass. Dee's parents mostly told stories about what a brat she was as a kid - but they threw a couple of good ones in there to make it seem like they weren't bad parents. Actually, they probably threw in the sweet ones to make it seem like Dee wasn't a complete brat.

The dads - who are both rather quiet - managed to find a few things in common and soon began talking about flying. The moms had no trouble at all entertaining themselves with some kind of mysterious mom talk that I didn't really follow or bother to pay much attention to. Dee and I managed to make each other laugh for a while.

We also passed around floor plans for the new condo that Dee and I had just contracted. Everyone pretended to be excited and interested. In reality Dee's parents weren't thrilled with the idea of Dee and I living together, but had come to accept it since they knew a bigger commitment was on the way. My parents were not happy at all about our decision to "play house." My parents are quite conservative and think that things should be done in a certain order. Living together does not come before marriage.

We finished dinner and made our way towards the door. Of course, the moms had to use the restroom before we left so me, Dee and the dads waited in the bar area. We waited. And waited. And waited some more. We all knew by this point that they weren't using the bathroom so much as chatting. God only knows what they talked about in the bathroom that night. I can only hope that it was about the really sweet housewarming present that they'll be getting Dee and I once we move in.

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