Thursday, October 26, 2006

Corporate Semantics

Check out today's Google Blog where they address the legalities of using "Google" as a verb and the possible dangers it poses to their brand identity.  They have identified the fact that people are using "Google" or "Googled" to mean search.  People apparently say "Googled" when they have used web sites other than Google to search on the Internet.  It never even occurred to me that people would do that.  I always assume that people actually use Google when they say, "I Googled it."  If that's not the case, then a) people are dumber than I thought and b) the English language is going to shit because people don't care what words mean anymore - which is the whole point of language. 
On the flip side of this coin, does anyone forsee people saying things like "Yahooed" or "MSNed" or "Ask.comed"?  Of course, you would have to say "Ask.comed" not "Asked" since "asked" has it's own meaning already.  Or maybe not, since we no longer care what words mean.  Regardless, this whole thing begs the question: Why don't we all just used "searched"?
Or maybe I'm just an idiot.*
*By "idiot" I mean: smart, 30 year-old, gainfully employed, graying, typist of this message.


  1. I honestly never would've thought to use Google for anything other than searching on Google. I agree with you, people are stupid.

  2. Anonymous12:11 PM

    The English language is already shit. It is the bastard child of every other language that has been invented, and it has gotten perpetually worse as the Internet has continued to develop.

    Google has a majority of the search market share, so I would think it be reasonably safe to guess that when people say "I Googled something," they did, in fact, use Google.

    Still, "Google" is synonemous with search which Google consistently says is its main source of everything. So what did they expect?

  3. Google is worried that its name will be our generation's "Xerox." (Think of the last time you said, "oh, I'll just xerox it." Then proceeded to use a Cannon copy machine.) Anywho, I have to agree with you...who would claim to "Google" something via that colosal shit-box, Yahoo!?