Thursday, October 05, 2006

Is that so? does a profile of a college cheerleader every week.  This week it's a girl from the University of Georgia.  Basically, they gave this girl a form and told her to fill it out.  My favorite part is question number 6:
6. One misconception about cheerleaders: We are smart!  The average GPA for my squad is 3.04
Check the definition of misconception, sister.
I also enjoy her answers to numbers 5 and 20:
5. Best place you can take me on a date: Some sort of sporting event and then to get ice cream
20. Perfect date: Spending the day on the lake tubing and waterskiing, having a good relaxed time and getting to know each other.
She managed to change her mind within fifteen short questions.  Technically, I should be giving Sports Illustrated a hard time for asking what is essentially the same question twice, but if she's so smart then she should have realized she was answering the same question twice.
Then there's number 10 which will have guys across the nation making their very own mayonnaise:
10. Strange and unusual fact about me: I love mayonnaise!  I will eat it on anything.
But it's so fattening.  You should know better.


  1. Technically I think waterskiing would qualify as a sport.....

  2. You be nice to Christine, she has Spirit!