Friday, December 08, 2006

Old Friends

You know what's fun? Getting emails from old friends. Especially when you haven't seen those friends since you graduated high school. Which was twelve years ago.

I just got one of those really long mass emails that fills everyone in on what's been going on the life of the sender. You're now thinking that I'm about to take this person to task for doing the mass-email-here's-what-you've-missed-the-last-twelve-years, but I'm not. In fact, I genuinely enjoyed the email. That's not like me, I know. You see, it came at the perfect time. I have been corresponding with another high school friend about a book that he wrote (I mentioned it in my last post) and I've been in that nostalgic kind of mood. I even sent a response. I'm even hoping that it will turn into a bit of back and forth that will eventually peter out when we realize that talking about ourselves over email is kinda boring.

So, that happened.

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