Monday, January 22, 2007

Super Bowl XLI

The Colts are in the Super Bowl. I repeat: The Colts are going to the Super Bowl!
I can barely contain my excitement. Last night was THE most exciting Championship Game I had ever seen. An improbable 18-point comeback against our conference rivals. Manning looked terrible in the first half and I thought all was lost when he threw the pick to put the Colts down 21-3. I had slipped into a minor depression and couldn't help but thing, "Here we go again. Close enough to the peak to slip our fingers over the edge, only to have them stomped on." Then slowly, the hope returned. A field goal before the half and a touchdown to start the second half. Soon enough it was 21-21 after a gutsy call to go for two and the momentum had swung. I had recovered from my depression and was in full jumping-around-the-condo-in-crazed-excitement mode. Of course, the Pats didn't give up and took the lead again, only to give it up with a minute remaining when Joseph Addai plunged in for the go-ahead (and winning) touchdown. Brady and the Pats had one last shot, but a Marlin Jackson pick ended their hopes.
I nearly lost my shit. Hell, I completely lost my shit.
Now the Colts are in Super Bowl XLI and will be facing the Chicago Bears. More on this later...

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