Monday, January 29, 2007

Super Bowl XLI

Super Bowl XLI. Colts vs. Bears. That match-up causes certain problems for a Colts fan living in Chicago. Especially one who's fiancée is a Bears fan.

As excited as I was that the Colts beat the Patriots in dramatic fashion to earn a berth in the Super Bowl, I quickly realized that the Colts and Bears in the Super Bowl is the worst possible scenario for me. After the Colts' game, I received an email from a Bears fan in Chicago telling me that we needed to watch the game together at a bar he was going to rent out. I initially thought this would be a good idea, but changed my mind after thinking about it for about... oh, two seconds.

Now matter how I tried to figure it, watching the game in Chicago would be an impossibility. If I went to a bar, the place would be packed with Bears fans and I wouldn't be able to cheer for the Colts when they were doing well. Or I would be the guy that gets taunted when the Bears are doing well. No thanks. I want to be able to cheer for my team - just like everyone in Chicago. Plus, if the Colts win, who do I celebrate with?

I called my brother in Indianapolis and started making plans to watch the game with him in Indy. I'm bailing out of Chicago and going to join the rest of the Colts fans in Indianapolis. All the Bears fans in Chicago tell me I'm running scared. I tell them that I'm just going to hang out with the winners.

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