Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Top Secret

Do you like secrets? If so, then there is a Gmail tool that can help you keep your email secret. It's not really a new concept, but now it's very easy to add encryption to your Gmail. Here's how:

1) Get Firefox - if you don't have it already. It's a web browser.
2) Download and install Greasemonkey - it lets you add cool things to Firefox.
3) Go get Gmail Encryption

Once you install it, you will see a new toolbar at the top of your Gmail messages with two fields. Compose your secret email and then enter the recipient's public key (to generate a public and private key for yourself go here and follow the instructions under "Generating Keys") in the Public Key field and click Encrypt. You'll see your email turn into special secret code. Once your secret friend receives your email, all she has to do is enter her private key in the Private Key field and click Decrypt and your secret message will be decoded and readable.

Send me an encoded message. My public key is: 1093247:43

Thanks to Bob who is my first friend who actually uses this.

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