Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Draft

Tomorrow is the NFL Draft. Unless you've been living in a cave, I'm sure you know that. For the last few years, the draft hasn't been very exciting for me since the Colts haven't been picking early and the Irish haven't had many players going in the early rounds. This year is a different story.

The Colts are picking at the very end of the first round since they are the SUPER BOWL CHAMPS, but former Irish quarterback Brady Quinn is projected to go as high as three. The Cleveland Browns have the third pick in the draft and seem to be a good fit for Mr. Quinn. He's from Ohio and is a Browns fan, they need a QB and the Browns' head coach, Romeo Crennel, worked with Charlie Weis when they were both winning all kinds of Super Bowls with the Patriots. Unfortunately, I would hate to see Brady go to the Browns. I hate the Browns. I've always hated the Browns and I think their uniforms are the ugliest in the league because their colors are orange and brown. Plus, they're a pretty bad team right now and he'll probably get knocked around quite a bit. This means that he'll probably struggle at first and he'll look bad doing it.

For Brady's sake, I hope he goes third because that means he'll make a ton of money. For my sake I hope he plays for the Irish again next year.

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