Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Mighty Quinn

As I predicted, Brady Quinn did go to the Cleveland Browns, but not quite when he was expected to. You probably know by now that Quinn didn't get picked at number 3. Instead the Browns took offensive tackle Joe Thomas. After that move, many expected the Vikings to take Quinn and when they didn't, the folks in Miami thought that a gift had fallen into their lap. Of course, Miami then decided not to take Quinn and everyone was shocked. Including most Dolphin fans.

After the Dolphins passed on Quinn, the next 12 teams or so didn't have a need for a quarterback, so he was going to have to sit for a while before he got picked. I was bracing for a whole lot of reaction shots after every single pick. Then something happened. The new commissioner, Roger Goodell, invited Quinn back to a private suite where he wouldn't have to deal with the press in his face until he finally got picked. In the past, the players who unexpectedly dropped in the draft had to sweat it out right in front of the cameras while the analysts did their best to sustain the humiliation for the player.

This year, Kornheiser and Mark May did their best to try to run Brady down (even before the Draft started) but were thwarted by this clever and sympathetic move by Goodell. A very good move on his part that I suspect will continue in the rest of the drafts under his command. Good work so far, Goodell.

Anyway, back to Quinn. In all, I think this situation probably worked out for the best for Brady. He's got a new stud offensive lineman to protect him and he gets to play for his favorite team. Plus, he can use the fact that he slipped so far as motivation to tear up the NFL. Not that a real pro needs any more motivation to be the best player he can, but it sounds good. In the end, he handled it well and we probably learned more about him from this experience than most scouts learned about him at the combine and any of the pro days.

Go Brady. When it all begins to fall apart for the Colts (which will probably be soon) I'll mildly root for Quinn and the Browns. You know, like how I used to mildly root for the 49ers when Montana was in charge.

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