Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sketch Show Update

As you may know, I've written a sketch show which we are now beginning to rehearse. Last night, we did a read-through of the script that I have so far. It went pretty well. Hearing the cast put their characters behind the writing was great. Some of the sketches I was most unsure of turned out to be much better out loud and some of them I was most confident in weren't quite as funny on first read as I had hoped. However, I think that everything we read is definitely viable for the show.

I got some good feedback from the cast on some ideas to make the show even better and we discussed the opening and closing scenes - which have yet to be written. I'm still working with Dee to get the opening scene together. Once I have that, I'll be able to finish the closing scene and I'll have a complete show.

Our first full rehearsal is next Monday.

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