Saturday, April 07, 2007


Last night I performed in the opening show of the new season of pHreedom pHalls. This season we are spoofing American Idol with our show pHreedom Idol. I played the Simon character. My name is Atari and I am German and I offer up my special little nuggets of advice to all of the contestants.

We had a pretty good crowd for the show last night and they seemed to really enjoy what we had for them. Each of the performers chose actual songs and sang to the karaoke versions. A few of the songs we heard last night: "None of your Business" by Salt and Pepa, "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith, "She's a Lady" by Tom Jones, "It's My Life" by Jon Bon Jovi, "Part of their World" from the Disney movie "The Little Mermaid" and "Let's Talk About Sex" also by Salt and Pepa. The performances were hilarious and it was all I could do to keep from cracking up. Luckily, the three judges sit in the audience and aren't really watched during the performances. The judges were also very funny as Chris - who plays the Randy character (as J-Rome) and Cynthia played the Paula character (as Inka). There were several times when I had to compose myself while they were giving their "notes" to the performers. Not to toot my own horn, but I had a couple of funny little nuggets as well.

pHreedom pHalls is a show that I haven't enjoyed doing in the past and it has its own special set of trappings that make it hard for the show to succeed during the normal seasons where we spoof a genre. However, this season looks as if it will be very successful as we are spoofing something very specific and everyone knows their role.

Of course, the show last night had its issues as well. Since this is the first show of the season there were some awkward moments as the host (played by the always hilarious Aaron) was trying to feel his way through the show. The judges went a little long at times as well, and there was a lot of pausing throughout the show in general. We also discovered that we had a few too many performers as the show ran for about an hour and a half. However, all of these things are correctable and I think that we'll have them cleared up by next week so that the show will be honed down to it's funniest, most concise point.

In the end, I'm having fun again with this show and look forward to the next five episodes of this season which will be great if last night is any indication.

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  1. Talk about a small world. After checking my myspace, I realized that the Cynthia you are referring to is my friend Cynthia. She is tall and clumsy, but I adore her. I may have to see you both perform.