Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jerkology Rehearsal

Monday means Jerkology rehearsal. For the first time in three weeks, we had the entire cast at rehearsal and everyone even showed up on time. Since we finally had everyone for the first time since everyone had to be off-book, I wanted to take this opportunity to work intently on the opening and closing scenes.

We started with the opener. We had blocked this out in our partial cast rehearsals, but had never run it from top to bottom with the entire cast. I reminded them of the blocking and we gave it a shot. Everyone knew their lines and remembered their dance steps. We had a few specifics that we needed to work out, but everyone was pretty on the ball from the very beginning. We ran the scene about four times before I felt like everyone was comfortable.

On to the closer. We had never even gone over this scene in a rehearsal before. I was sure we would spend the rest of the rehearsal getting this scene figured out. I had been doing research on how to block the scene to make it as authentic as possible, however I wasn't exactly sure how the specifics would work. I broke the scene down into its different parts and explained to them what I was looking for. We then worked together to figure out the details. It came together very nicely and everyone had their parts nailed. I was impressed how eager they were to do this scene and really try to run the whole thing all the way through. By about the third full run through they had it nailed - and we had time to spare.

We took a little time to run a scene that I had yet to see all the way through with the full cast and they struggled a bit, but it was because they were laughing so hard at each other. I told them to tone down some of the funny so they could get through all the lines. They did.

Once again, the cast did great work and have made my job easy so far. Next Monday we don't have rehearsal due to Memorial Day. However, we do have our tech rehearsal next Thursday where we will do our first full run-through.

Thursdays @ 11pm - June 14-28, July 12-26
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