Monday, May 14, 2007

My First Guitar Hero Experience

On Saturday, Dee and I were invited to a Guitar Hero party. Basically, our friends John and Tristan were having a party that centered around people coming over to play Guitar Hero. Most people even dressed like rock stars for the occasion. I did not. Neither did Dee. That's probably because we had never played Guitar Hero before.

For those of you who don't know, Guitar Hero is a video game where you use a guitar-shaped controller to play songs to win the audience's favor and score points. If you have two guitars, you can have a rock face-off or even play a song together. As it turns out, the game is pretty damn fun. Dee loved it so much that we went on Sunday to by the game and an extra guitar.

Once we got it home, we played a few songs and even set about unlocking the rest of the songs in the game. We haven't yet earned them all, but we made some good progress and managed to unlock a few of our favorites.

If you haven't played yet, I highly recommend it.

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