Saturday, May 05, 2007

pHreedom Idol

Last night we were all set to do another episode of pHreedom Idol as we usually do on Friday nights. Unfortunately, we did not have enough audience members to have the show. Usually when we have canceled show, someone will sit in the light booth and play good music and a dance party will break out. This time, nobody was up in the booth but someone had left the iPod on shuffle so random songs were playing and people were just hanging out. Then Working for the Weekend by Loverboy started playing. Suddenly, the cast of Sick/Personal Day (a sketch show I was in) was on stage performing our dance from that show. Many of the new cast members had never seen it before and were quite amused. It was fun to do the dance again and it got me excited to see how the Jerkology dance turns out - and if it is as well liked.

Off to shred important documents.

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