Monday, May 14, 2007

pHreedom Idol

pHreedom Idol rolled again on Friday night. This time we had a decent size audience and we were able to have the show. This week Jason (the director) decided that the judges would sit on stage during the entire performance instead of in the audience where we usually were located. He made it clear that it wasn't a permanent move and that he wanted to change things up to see how it worked. I was fine with the change even though I preferred to be seated among the audience. I figured it would probably feel the same and allow the audience to see us better while we gave our critiques.

I thought it worked well for the beginning portion of the show when we do our little banter with the host, but once the performances started it felt odd. While the singers were performing I was constantly worrying about taking focus from them with any movements or facial expressions after I noticed that the audience was looking to us a lot to see what our reactions were while the singers were performing. It put me in my head a little bit and made it a little tougher for me to give interesting and funny feedback.

Even though I felt a little uncomfortable, the show as a whole was pretty good. I thought the performances were possibly the best they've been so far. Everyone had a lot of fun and got a lot of laughs by really playing up their characters. The judging was a little stilted and not quite as hilarious as it has been in the past few shows, but it wasn't a total loss, either. The audience seemed to really enjoy the show and that's what matters.

If we pick up the pace and energy, I think we'll have a fantastic show next week.

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