Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Rehearsal Update...

As usual, we had another Jerkology rehearsal last night. We were one person short as Marty had other obligations to attend to. I knew well beforehand so I was able to plan for his absence.

We started by working on the dance. We worked out the lead-in and the scene around it and then ran through the dance itself. Since we hadn't worked on it in a couple weeks, there were a few kinks to work out. Everyone remembered it for the most part and they were doing a pretty good job with the moves - which aren't all very easy. I'll be interested to see how it goes once Marty is back into the fold.

After the dance we went through the rest of the three person scenes that didn't involve Marty. Everyone pretty much nailed them and Jason was pretty close to being off book on a few of his. I thought Aaron did a great job with really amping up the energy on his scenes. I think that's because he's starting to get comfortable with the parts and really play with them. Tristan nailed her monologue and I think that she really gets it. It was fun to watch them play in these scenes and really have fun with the parts. If nothing else, I want these performers to really have fun doing this show. I think that energy will carry over to audience and that can only hope the show.

Next week everyone is supposed to be off-book. It will be good to see how these guys play the scenes without the weight of the scripts in their hands.

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