Friday, June 22, 2007

Jerkology #2

Last night was the second showing of Jerkology. Time Out Chicago was on hand to review the show, unfortunately Aaron was not there to perform so I had to fill in for him. I knew well beforehand that Aaron would be out of town, so we were able to plan for it.

I was feeling especially nervous for this show since I would have to try to match Aaron's hilarity for the reviewer. This meant that I was even more anxious and intolerable before the show than I was last week. Thankfully, the rest of the cast is a bunch of pros and handled it very well.

Once the show started, I settled down and fell right into performance mode. We nailed the opening scene and audience really seemed to get a kick out of our antics. In the next scene, I let my nerves show a little bit by botching a line, but Jason covered me and the scene was still just fine. After that the show just rolled along like it had the week before. The audience seemed to enjoy our jerkiness just enough to laugh at all the right places. Jason and Marty were especially good last night and the audience ate up any scene that they were in. I felt okay about my performance, but wished I had loosened up a bit.

In the end, I still felt like we had a good show. It wasn't quite as good as the opening show but I think it will be good enough to get us a decent review.

Thursdays @ 11pm - June 14-28, July 12-26
Stage Left Theater
$8 - BYOB

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