Friday, June 15, 2007

Jerkology Opening Night

If you've been following along at all, you know that last night was the opening night of my new sketch show, Jerkology. I spent most of the day going about my business and not worrying too much about it until after work. Once I was free of the shackles of my job, Jerkology began weighing heavy on my mind. At first I began worrying about all the logistical details of the show, so I sat down and reviewed the prop list and checked in on everyone who needed to bring any props to make sure they had what they needed. Then I checked my iPod to make sure I had the sound cues in the right order on my Jerkology playlist. I put a few final touches on the pre-show playlist and was set to go.

I packed up all my props and headed off to meet the cast at Pick Me Up Cafe for a quick read-through before the show. The read-through was a little rocky, but that can be expected in a loud and distraction filled cafe. Once we finally got into the theater, we ran a few of the more technical scenes, set the props and rearranged the stage. Luckily, the prime time show that is running has a very sparse set that works perfectly for Jerkology - we've got all the space we needed.

As show time approached I got more antsy and irritable thanks to my nerves. I decided to get the hell away from the cast and take my seat in the audience. My good friend (and outstanding pH member) Alaina chose to sit next to me - unfortunately for her. I spent the minutes leading up to the show wondering aloud if the show was ever going to start and unfairly calling people names. She did her best to try to calm me down, but eventually said, "I don't know how to help you." I couldn't be helped. I just needed the show to start.

Once the sizable crowd (around 20) got settled and the lights dropped to signal the beginning of the show, I began to calm down. All I had to do from this point on was watch and listen (mostly - you'll have to come see the show to see what else I do). As soon as the lights came up, I knew that this show was going to be better than any of the runs we had done in rehearsal. Everyone had turned it up a notch. They were all in performance mode and their energy was great. After the first two scenes, I knew that I was watching a good show. The audience was enjoying it and they really appreciated the monologues and some of the darker moments in the show (that worried me the most) got some of the biggest reactions of the night. The cast fed off of this and performed the hell out of the show.

Everything went about as perfectly as I could have hoped. The tech was right on and there was only one semi-slip of the lines, but it didn't hurt the scene at all. I will be making a few directorial changes before the next show, but they are fairly minor and have to do with pacing. I think it was a success as the audience walked away with a good feeling, but not before hanging around in the theater and chatting with the cast for a while - always a good sign. I have absolutely no idea what the reviewer thought because I had no idea which audience member she was, but I'm not worried about the review because people had fun and that's the whole point.

Thursdays @ 11pm - June 14-28, July 12-26
Stage Left Theater
$8 - BYOB

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