Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Jerkology Rehearsal

On Monday we had our final rehearsal before the opening of the show. Everyone was there and I just wanted to do another full run-through of the show. I didn't want to overwork any of the scenes. I want the scenes to stay fresh and I don't want the cast to get in their heads about the work they're doing.

I ran "tech" by using my iPod speakers and flipping the light switch when necessary. Everything was pretty seamless and there were only a few missed lines in the entire show. The lines that were missed weren't even lines from the toughest scenes or monologues. They were minor hiccups in the scenes that likely wouldn't have been noticed by the audience.

The actors have done their part. Now let's just hope that I did mine. We're getting reviewed tomorrow which makes me a little more nervous, but I think we've got a good show. At this point there is nothing we can do but go out there and give it our best shot - which is exactly what we will do.

Thursdays @ 11pm - June 14-28, July 12-26
Stage Left Theater
$8 - BYOB

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