Friday, July 13, 2007

Jerkology #4

As I wrote yesterday, I was confident that Jerkology would go well - and it did. We had another good crowd - somewhere around the 15 mark. Not too bad for 11pm on a Thursday night. Dee was responsible for about five of those people - including her pregnant friend Laura. What a trooper. My friend from work brought his girlfriend and another friend of his and we had about seven other random people who saw ads for the show online and decided to check it out.

From the very beginning the show had better energy than our last show and it made all the difference. The crowd was really into the opening dance scene and Aaron and Jason did a great job with their opening scene to keep the energy up. The monologues went over pretty well - I even heard some of the audience members commenting on how cool they were as the actors were performing them. Marty absolutely nailed his. He had the audience believing that he had completely forgotten his lines and I could see a few people tense up. Then he continued the monologue in such a way that you believed that he was making it up as he went along - which is the point. Fantastic. The Deal or No Deal scene was the tightest it has ever been and got a great reaction. It still needs a few small tweaks, but it's getting much better.

By the end, the audience was looking forward to what was coming next and really enjoyed Aaron, Marty and Tristan's stinky scene followed by Jason, Aaron and Tristan nailing the State School scene. When the final number started, some of the audience members were cheering the first few notes of the song out of recognition. They even laughed as the cast said, "Fuck you" to them. No small feat.

Jason, Marty, Aaron and Tristan really nailed it last night. It was fun to watch them again. I'm enjoying that the audience is finding humor in different things every time and that these guys are bringing something new to it with every performance. I can't wait to do it again next week.

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