Friday, July 27, 2007

Jerkology #6

Last night we performed the sixth and final Jerkology. We had our largest crowd yet as a big group of Dee's friends came, a smaller group of some of my friends from the train that I used to take to the 'burbs came and some other random folks filled the place out. I was excited because I knew it would be a kind crowd that would be ready to laugh. I just hoped that we wouldn't let them down.

As always, the show opened well - everyone loves a good dance number. Jason and Aaron did their best version of Vegas yet. They improvised quite a bit more and added some fun little bits. After that the show derailed a bit. Some lines got dropped in the cop scene though I think they covered fairly well. Tristan nailed her opening monologue - as always. The Deal or No Deal scene was okay - even though we had some technical difficulties getting the phone to ring. That was kind of the theme for the night.

After one of the earlier scenes, the music was turned up way too high and blasted everyone's eardrums and the transitions between the scenes were a bit too long again. It made for a show that never really found its rhythm and it showed in the performances. A couple of the scenes were more low-energy than I had hoped, but still got plenty of laughs from the audience.

In the end it was still a good show and the audience really seemed to enjoy it. That's what they told me on the way out, anyway. One of the audience members that I did not know actually thanked me on the way out. Pretty cool. It certainly wasn't the best show to close the run, but it still accomplished its goal.

Coming soon... Thoughts on the overall show, process and experience.

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