Monday, July 09, 2007


As promised, some tales from the Providence Improv Festival that I attended on June 29 through July 1:

When we arrived at the Providence airport, Mauro - the guy in charge of the festival, met us at the baggage claim holding a little sign that read: "Providence Improv Festival." We had hoped that someone would be there holding a sign and we got our wish. Jason, Jon and I introduced ourselves to Mauro and he told us that we had to wait a few minutes to pick up Jill Bernard. Her plane arrived about ten minutes after ours.

We all packed into Mauro's CRV and he dropped us off at our hotels. The other three pHers were already in the hotel room, so we just had to check in at the desk and head upstairs. Mauro had placed us at a small hotel called the Dolce Villa in Providence's Little Italy. Our room was very nice and comfortably slept six. Plus, it had a full kitchen. Also, everything inside was white. Everything. White tile, white walls, white couch, white beds, white chairs, white cabinets - you get the drift. We briefly discussed how this room would make a great setting for a murder as the red spatters of blood would contrast nicely against the clean white.

Once I settled in, I took a much needed nap. I woke up in time to shower and grab dinner with the group at an Italian restaurant next door to the hotel. We had a pretty good meal and managed to entertain most of the wait staff as we ate.

After dinner we were off to our tech rehearsal at the Rite Theater. The Rite Theater was basically in a church basement, but still provided good seating and a cool set to play on. We had a tree we could climb and several doors we could enter through. Plus, the tree had a door built in. It was obviously built for something other than an improv show, but we made the best of it. We played around on the set while the tech guys figured out our intro music.

Once show time rolled around, we had a good sized crowd who seemed ready to have some fun. We each chose an audience member to play for and started doing our thing. The show started out fairly well and we were getting some good laughs, however I can't really comment much after that because I was the first one voted out. I guess my brand of humor doesn't play well in Providence. Oh, well. The audience seemed to really enjoy the show and we had more than a few people come up to us after the show and ask when we were playing again so that they could come see us.

We stuck around to see the group after us and then headed over to the theater where the after party would be. We watched a group from Boston and a harold team from New York before they rolled in the free pizza and beer. We wasted no time finding our share of the food and drink and began to mingle with the rest of the improvisers. Jason and Kayce knew all of the other Chicago people and they knew some of the other folks from other festivals so we got to know a lot of people pretty quickly. One young lady who had seen our show took a bit of a shine to Jon and they spent the evening sporadically flirting. Of course, we did plenty to egg him on and simultaneously give him a hard time.

Even though we managed to get good and drunk, we still found our way back to the hotel and crashed for the night. There were some rumors of various hook-ups involving Jon and Vinny, but I'm in no position to substantiate those rumors since I went straight to bed once the party at the theater bored me.

The next story will be more interesting, I promise.

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