Monday, July 23, 2007

The Weekend

This weekend I was not scheduled to perform in any shows, so I had all of my evenings free to do whatever I pleased. When Dee asked what we should to Friday night, I replied, "Sleep." The week had pretty much sapped all of my energy. On Wednesday, I woke up to discover that we no longer had hot water. After making a few phone calls, I discovered that the gas had been shut off to the hot water heater for our building. After a few more phone calls, I discovered that it wouldn't be turned back on until Friday afternoon. Because of this, I woke up early and went in to work to shower at the gym. Needless to say, I didn't get as much sleep as I had hoped. Especially since I got to bed late on Thursday after Jerkology. In summary, we stayed in and watched The Bourne Supremacy. It was good.

Saturday we woke up around 9am and decided to go play some tennis. Because we dallied around a bit, we didn't get to the tennis courts until about 11am but still managed to get in about two solid hours of good tennis. We hadn't played in about a year so we were pretty rusty at first. Eventually, we found our groove and managed to have a few pretty good rallies and I really started nailing my serve by the end. Of course, my shoulder and forearm are killing me now. I feel old.

Saturday evening we had tickets to 500 Clown Macbeth at the Steppenwolf. For some reason we thought the show started at 8pm when it actually started at 9pm. We were a bit early. Since we had time to kill, we strolled over to Borders. I was surprised to see a table piled with Harry Potter books. I expected the bookstores to be completely sold out, but there were still copies to be had. I did not buy a copy because I had one being delivered from After browsing around the bookstore, we made our way back to the theater. I expected a crazy and physical show and that was exactly what we got. I knew I was going to like it right away when they entered from the rafters at the back of the theater. Most of the show was improvised, but they were definitely hitting their beats and kept moving the show along in an interesting way. It's hard to describe and I'll do it more justice when I write a review.

On Sunday I got a massage. It was my first massage in about six months and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I have some serious knots in my shoulders and she worked them over pretty good. I definitely felt more relaxed afterwards. After the massage, Dee and I went to Best Buy to check out some TVs. We didn't make a huge purchase, but we did by a 26" LG LCD to replace our TV in the bedroom. We love it and are excited to make the bigger purchase soon. We still have to do more shopping, though.

Sunday evening we went to The Spot to meet Molly and Tristan who were celebrating their birthdays. We went for a couple of drinks and headed back home to get a little shuteye. We got some, but not enough. We were both dragging today.

On that note, I'm off to bed.

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