Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Democratic Debate

I'm watching the Democratic Debate on NBC right now. Some quick impressions from the 42" plasma faces that are staring at me:

1) Can we please do away with the pleasantries at the beginning of your first response? The thanking and kissing up to the people of Chicago and the AFL-CIO makes you look like a smarmy politician. Everyone but Kucinich did this.

2) Speaking of Kucinich, that guy is a bulldog. He is fired up tonight and he's actually giving an answer or two.

3) Does anyone get the feeling that even the Democrats don't like John Edwards? I don't think they hate him only because he's beautiful.

4) Hillary Clinton earned the first boos of the night by criticizing Obama. Don't take on the hometown guy, sister. On top of that she basically said that a President shouldn't say what he or she thinks. That's a slippery slope.

5) Joe Biden earned the loudest boos by not answering a question he was asked. I don't mean that he avoided the question with spin and poli-speak. He actually addressed something one of the other candidates said instead of answering the question.

6) Obama seems a little off tonight. He's stumbling over his words a bit, but he seems the most natural and sincere.

7) I've completely forgotten about Bill Richardson for this entire debate.

8) Joe Biden likes to talk a lot about what Joe Biden has done. Not so much about what Joe Biden is going to do.

9) Where did Chris Dodd come from?

10) None of the candidates can tell time.

11) "Insiders" is Edwards' term for "people with actual civil service jobs."

12) Barack Obama: "George Bush has been a disaster." Amen.

13) Joe Biden is one cocky son of a bitch. I kinda like it.

14) Dennis Kucinich: "I am the Seabiscuit of this campaign."

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