Friday, August 24, 2007


Rex Grossman, "quarterback" of the Chicago Bears recently said:
"He's come in and specifically worked on the things I didn't do so well
last year. Stepping up in the pocket, making sure I have two hands of the ball,
going through my reads and staying balanced at the top of my drop. To not have
to do that on your own or try to make someone help you with something is just

Let me count the number of things wrong with this quote. First, this is not something that the leader of a team would ever say. That may be the biggest issue we have here. Just like everyone else in society, nothing is his fault. Second, stepping up in the pocket, keeping two hands on the ball, going through reads and staying balanced is something that you learn to do in high school. If you're not doing these things as an NFL quarterback, you should be working on them on your own.

Don't get your hopes up, Bears fans. This guy isn't leading you to a championship.

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