Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A New Show

Last night I attended the first rehearsal for the new sketch show I will be in. It is called Rock Out With Your Clock Out and is written and directed by Marty Gangler. He wrote another very successful sketch show that I was in called Sick/Personal Day. This show - as you can probably guess by the title - is about rocking out. Sort of. There are some random sketches that don't necessarily tie into the theme, but that's just what happens sometimes.

Marty gave us our scripts and we spent our time reading through them last night. He had all of the music prepared and we sang a little, but mostly listened. I've got a couple scenes that I'm really excited about - one where I sing and one where I rap. I can't say much more than that without ruining it for you.

Overall, I think this show will be fun. It's the usual cast of me, Jason, Tristan, Molly and Marty with the addition of Alaina this time. We had fun just reading the scripts last night and giving Marty a hard time for his typos. I'm sure that fun will spill over into the shows.

Time to start memorizing.

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