Friday, August 10, 2007

Random Thoughts

I'm sitting here watching the Bills-Saints pre-season game. I'm excited that football is back. Oh, how I've missed you, football.

I'm worried about the Colts this season. The defense has been decimated by free agency and injury. We've still got Freeney, though. And Dungy has been able to patch together defenses in the past. You know, like last year. When the Colts won the Super Bowl.

The Irish aren't going to be anywhere near a championship game this year. Almost all of the big stars graduated. We're going to see a lot of Charlie's recruits get some real playing time this season. The big question is who will be starting at quarterback. There are three guys in contention and Charlie isn't tipping his hand just yet.

Notre Dame has a very, very tough opening schedule. Georgia Tech at home, at Penn State, at Michigan (which I have tickets for), Michigan State at home, at Purdue, at UCLA, BC at home and at USC. They finish up with Navy, Air Force, Duke and Stanford. It could get ugly this year, but I wouldn't count on it. That's just not something Charlie will let happen.

I have a show tonight. I'm completely wiped out from the week. I need to catch a nap before or I'll be worthless. Although, I usually do best when I'm dead ass tired.

Man, Apple keeps putting out stuff that I want. The new iMac is pretty sweet. The new iPhone is pretty sweet. Apple TV is pretty cool.

I could use a vacation.

Dick Vermeil is crying about Bill Walsh right now.

I hate my cell phone. I hate it. Verizon sucks. 100% sucks. Can you hear me now?

People on the train smell bad. Especially when it's hot.

Most commercials are stupid. However I love this one. "What the french, toast?!"

I think I've posted that before.

I had pizza.

Good day.

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