Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Saga Continues

Yesterday, I had Directv scheduled to set up a new dish and replace our current receivers with HD receivers. Directv was scheduled to arrive between 4-8pm. I wasn't home when they arrived, but they arrived on the earlier side of the window. Dee was there to let the guy in to do his thing. Unfortunately, the order he had showed that we were to receive a non-HD DVR receiver. That was the only equipment he had with him so he told Dee that we would have to correct the order and schedule it for another time. Are you kidding me?

Since he was out of our hair early, we were able to pile the broken TV back into Dee's car and take it back to Best Buy. The manager was helpful and told us that they actually had another model in the back. She went and got it for us and brought it to the front. We asked if they could deliver it for us tonight since we've had so much trouble. They said they couldn't do it. After some wrangling, we got them to take $150 off of the price and we took it home ourselves. However, we spent a good hour in the store while they tried to figure out how to credit our account and then place the purchase for the other TV. Eventually, they figured it out and we loaded the TV into Dee's car and drove it home.

I plugged it in and it actually worked this time. We have a TV.

I'm consistently blown away by the inability of customer service to get anything right these days. I've had trouble with Directv orders before and this experience with Best Buy has been a huge pain in the ass. I'm very simply trying to buy what these people sell and they can't even get it right. It amazes me that these companies stay in business.

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