Saturday, August 11, 2007


Another busy Saturday for me. Dee and I got up and headed out to her parents' place for her family reunion. We had some delicious burgers off the grill, beers and a ton of delicious desserts. I also met some family members I had never met before. Most of them had to introduce themselves to Dee as well. I guess they haven't seen each other in a while. The food was good and the people were nice. I gave her Nana a hard time and Nana sassed me right back. That's how we roll. She's my favorite. Next to Dee, of course.

Dee and I are now home for a short break in our party hopping. We had every intention of taking a quick nap so that we would be rested up for the housewarming party we are to attend tonight. However, Dee found "Little Miss Sunshine" playing on one of the movie channels. I watched that instead of napping. Dee dozed in and out. Man, I love that movie. I alternate between laughing and crying at the end. I'm a sap - and I guess I don't care who knows it since I'm posting it for the world to see. Not that the whole world will see it. Just you.

Time for another party.

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